May 2017  
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CP Achievers
11:00 AM
Eat at Buns Over Texas followed by games in Fellowship Hall.
Study of Isaiah
6:00 PM
Dowe Mayfield will walk us through the salvation message throughout this book of the Prophet Isaiah. All are welcome to join at any time.
7:00 PM
Bible Search

Bible Study Links

Is there a person, place, thing or concept in the Bible you would like to know more about? That's what the ISBE is made for.
With this resource, you can navigate through greek and hebrew texts (even without knowing either) and find resources to help you understand words within the verse.

Ministries Affilitated with Cumberland Presbyterians

Bethel Unversity is the Cumberland Presbyterian University with the main campus located in McKenzie, TN.
THis Children's Home near Denton, TX is operated by Cumberland Presbyterians.
Memphis Theological Seminary is the Cumberland Presbyterian Seminary located in Memphis, TN.

Sister Congregations in our Presbytery (a wide area from West Texas to the West Coast and from Denver to El Paso)

Other Links

Pastor Steve utilizes resources available from Marriage 101. Check out these resources for premarital and marriage enrichment counseling.
Steve Doles served as Executive Director of this prayer ministry in our city for 12 years and is currenly President of the Board of Directors. Use this link to find out more about this ministry.
Beginning with the 2010-2011 School year, we became the Southcrest Christian School Cumberland Campus for the Pre-School through 1st Grade. Follow this link to learn more about the school.