December 2018   
Upcoming Events


Men's Breakfast
8:30 AM
We meet at the Red Zone Cafe on 37th and Slide.


Coffee Fellowship
10:30 AM
Meet in Fellowship Hall for Coffee and treats.
Nursery Provided
10:45 AM to 12:15 PM
Our nursery is located near the South Entrance on the opposite end of the foyer.
11:00 AM
Bible Search

Rev. Nathaniel Mathews

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Pastor Nate and Mrs. Anna are from Waverly, Tennessee where they have known each other since kindergarten and were crowned Prom ‘King and Queen’ their senior year of High School.

Both have a heart for God and God’s people. Nate and Anna received degrees in the Social Sciences from Bethel University with the hope of helping others. Nate’s degree in Psychology helped him develop a desire to better understand the needs of those he serves, recognizing the complexity of life we all live with. Anna’s education led her to become passionate about the aging in society, as they are often forgotten. She has worked as a long-term care Social Worker and Hospice Bereavement Coordinator. Currently her heart is with those suffering from dementia. Anna is also a ‘Certified Dementia Practitioner’.

Nate also holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Memphis Theological Seminary. His seminary journey allowed him the freedom and privilege to ask the difficult questions of faith and spirituality, while studying under scholars of their respective fields. Pastor Nate’s time at the seminary also consisted of sharing and learning from a diverse group of individuals from varying faith traditions, whose focus was to learn, grow, and serve (Scholarship, Piety, Justice).

Nate and Anna’s hope is to share God’s love to the world God loves. We aim to do this by seeking, nurturing, and equipping people to become surrendered followers of Jesus Christ – as a people inspired, empowered, and used by God to change lives through prayer and service with the love of Christ.



Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Sam Estes

The Rev. Sam Estes began his pastorate at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1962. Pastor Sam has a long history of compassionate ministry. After only a few minutes of visting with Sam, one realizes he is filled with grace and wisdom. Pastor Sam has a passion for the elderly and those whom are often forgotton. Pastor Sam served this church as Senior Pastor for 24 years and was bestowed the honor of Pastor Emeritus. Sam still worships with us, visits with members, and serves the community in various ways. During our latest Pastoral search, Rev. Estes was a Godsend. We are humbled and grateful to have Pastor Sam as part of our staff. 

Worship Leader

Ken Smith

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Ken Smith began as worship leader in 2017. He is a lifelong Cumberland Presbyterian, raised in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Floydada, TX. Ken is an ordained deacon, an ordained elder (currently serving on the Session), is very active in Presbytery del Cristo and has been on Denominational Boards in the past. We at FCPC are very blessed to have Ken serve in this capcity. Ken brings experience and knowledge to the worship team. Ken is passionate about worship, the theology behind our worship and the Scripture that informs our theology and worship. When asked about his service as worship leader, Ken said: "What an honor it is to be able to serve God's people by leading their services. I feel that my entire life has been leading me to a point where I am able to serve my God and my church in this way." 

Choir Director

Carolyn Hefner

Church Secretary

Karen Reid

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We are grateful to have Karen serve in this capacity. Karen helps us all run smoothly. When we asked Karen concenring her life in the church she had this to say: "Other than a wife and mother, I have only worked as an office assistant. I enjoy the 'people contact' I make with church members coming to the office and others who stop by. I find it enjoyable and fun to create new and colorful e-mails and newsletters. I have worked with children in various ways, been chair of ladies organizations several times, a deacon and now a newly elected and ordained elder at FCPC. I remember thinking one time that all I wanted to be in my life was a wife, a mother, and to work for my church. God has helped me to fulfill this desire. I am blessed and thank God every day of my life for giving me this opportunity to serve Him and my church." 


Richard Trussell

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Richard Trussell is the Church Treasurer here at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Lubbock, Texas. He has worked in the area of church business administration since 1989. Richard is a member of the Church Network and holds the designation of Certified Church Administrator (CCA). The Church Network is an inter-denominational association of churches and individuals which exists to serve churches by advancing professional excellence in individuals who serve the local church in the area of administration. The designation of Certified Church Administrator is given to those who complete the Church Network certification program by acquiring knowledge and using resources unique to church administration. According to Richared: “Stewarding the resources God has entrusted to the church is a significant responsibility. I believe that church administration is a calling to this role in much the same way that any church leader is called. It is a calling to a unique kind of ministry.” We are grateful to have Richard on staff. 

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