First CPC Lubbock History
Lubbock Cumberland Presbyterian Church

Lubbock, Lubbock County, Texas

Organized August 9, 1908

Presbytery Del Cristo

Mission Synod


1971 - present

Lubbock Cumberland Presbyterian Church
7702 Indiana Avenue
Lubbock, Texas 79423


Charter Members taken in 1908
Mr. E. P. Earhart, Sr., Mrs. E. P. Earhart, Mr. H. C. Ferguson, Mr. R. A. Rankin, Mrs. J. A. Rankin, Mr. W. R. Buchanan and Mrs. W. R. Buchanan


First Building 1908-1928
Corner of Tenth Street and Avenue O


Second Building 1928 - 1954
(destroyed by fire)
Corner of Tenth Street and Avenue O


Third Building 1955 - 1970
(destroyed by tornado)
Corner of Tenth Street and Avenue O


LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- At the close of Sweetwater Presbytery, Rev. B. H. Baker held a three days meeting for us at this place. There were no conversions, but there was excellent interest and the prospect was good for an excellent revival. But Brother Baker was called away, and the meeting closed. Brother Baker organized a church here and one in the country southwest of here, and we are now arranging for a minister to supply the four recently organized churches, one at Lubbock, one southwest of Lubbock at Block 20 school house, one at Tahoka and one at Union school house, near the Lubbock county line. While we are few in numbers we have a will to work to rebuild the temple.--H. C. Ferguson.


[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian Banner, September 25, 1908, page 9]


Amarillo Presbytery
Chillicothe, Texas - October 17, 1908

The following congregations were rec'd. enrolled and their delegates seated
Lubbock, Bro. E. P Earheart
Block 20, No delegate
Union Chappel, No delegate

[Source: Minutes of Amarillo Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, October 17, 1908, pages 12-13]


The Lubbock, Texas, First church celebrated its fiftieth anniversary August 10. A program commemorating fifty years of service and the dedication of the new youth building were held. Rev. Loyce S. Estes is pastor.
[Source: The Cumberland Presbyterian, September 23, 1958, page 4]


Cumberland Presbyterian
Church History
Lubbock, Texas

On August 9, 1908, a meeting was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Earhart in Lubbock, Texas, for the purpose of organizing the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

In the Cumberland Presbyterian Church Constitution, Page 91 of the Confession of Faith, Item IV reads: A particular Church consists of a number of professing Christians voluntarily associated together for divine worship and godly living, agreeably to the Holy Scriptures, and submitting to a certain form of Government.

Its officers are the minister in charge, the ruling elders, and the deacons. Its jurisdiction is lodged in the Church-Session, composed of the minister in charge and ruling elders.

In the organization of a Church, the first step is to receive testimonials on behalf of such of the applicants as are members of the Church, if there be any; and then to admit upon a profession of faith in Christ such candidates as on examination, may be found qualified. These persons, in the next place, be required to enter into covenant by answering testimonials were accentuated by signing a specific, written document given below:

"We the undersigned members of Cumberland Presbyterian Church do hereby agree to unite ourselves into a congregation for the purpose of uniting our efforts and our prayers as well as our means to perpetuate the doctrine of our holy religion which are the true principals of the Christian religion."

Signed by: H. A. (Judge) Ferguson; E. P. Earhart; Mrs. E. P. Earhart; Nannie Buchanan; J. A. Rankin; Mrs. R. A. Rankin.

The Rev. Mr. Houghton Baker, organizing minister, asked the following questions of the congregation, Page 92 of the Confession of Faith:

Do you, in reliance on God for strength, solemnly promise and covenant that you will walk together as an organized church on the principles and of the Government of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church; that you will support the gospel as God has prospered you, and that you will study the purity and harmony of the whole body?

After the affirmative answer from the people, the presiding minister, Rev. Baker, said: "I now pronounce that you are constituted a Church according to the Word of God and the principles of the Government of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, subject to the approval of the Presbytery. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." Amen.

The first member received after organizing on that day of August 9, 1908, was Mr. W. R. Buchanan, upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ and baptized by Rev. H. Baker. Elders elected were: E. P. Earhart, R. A. Rankin, H. A. Ferguson, W. R. Buchanan. H. A. Ferguson was elected Clerk of the Session. R. A. Rankin and E. P. Earhart were elected trustees of the Church.

The meeting closed with prayer by Rev. Mr. H. Baker. The Rev. Mr. C. W. C. Norwood also participated in the organization and the congregation was received into Amarillo Presbytery, October 16, 1908.

Therefore, some 300 miles to the west of Ft. Worth and Dallas & 3,000 ft. higher one reaches the awe-inspiring Caprock Country of the South Plains of Texas and truly a magnificent land of rich soil and a variety of industry.

Lubbock, Texas is known far and wide as the Hub City of these plains. People from neighboring towns and hamlets for hundreds of miles around come to Lubbock to trade. Lubbock is a growing city of a population of 200,000, plus, including the greater Lubbock area.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been a part of the growth and development of the city since 1908.

Lubbock was incorporated and chartered in 1909.

Great families of faith and courage have walked with God through many trials and tribulations in order to maintain the high and noble Christian spirit for the cause of Christ in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We are humbled by the known sacrifices of all those who have passed this way before us and have left the imprint of their integrity upon this community.


Throughout the years, First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Lubbock has been given the opportunity to minister to their community. Pastor's have come and gone, members have went on to the church triumphant, and the congregation and her leaders continue to seek God's will for them. We are community of faith inspired, empowered, and used by the Holy Spirit to change lives through prayer and service with the love of Jesus Christ. We seek, nurture, and equip one another and others to become surrendered followers of Jesus Christ.

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