Missions Ministry Team
Team Leader: Diana Akins

Missions Ministry Team


Vision: to promote and facilitate ways for our congregation to be involved in foreign missions utilizing opportunities provided by our denominational Missions Ministry Team and opportunities the Lord provides for us to be personally involved in supporting, sending and going to the mission field.


Key Words: Short-term missions, Missions education, Missionaries, Our United Outreach,


Key Scriptures: Go in to all the world, great commission,


Key Activities: Educate congregations regarding missions opportunities, Advocate the meeting of needs of missionaries, organize short-term mission trips, recruit people for short-term missions, encourage


Helpful Spiritual Gifts: Teaching, Exhortation, Missionary, Evangelist, Service


In one sentence: Our Missions Ministry focuses on identifying and providing and facilitating opportunities for our congregation to impact the world stateside and abroad with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Click here to learn more about Missionaries sent out by the Ministry Council of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


Sam is pictured (right) seated with his wife Roseann and daughter Shelby speaking to Bobby Hughes at our Christmas dinner (click on picture to enlarge.)

Pictures from Honduras: Picture set A; Picture set B; Picture set C.

Here are the notes from Sam's journal of his two weeks in Honduras:

Honduras Mission 2012 report

Rev. Sam Lively

Saturday, January 28th - Arrived at World Gospel Outreach mission house

Sunday, January 29th - visited the Church where one of the brigades would be, and went to a Honduran restaurant afterwards for Lunch

Monday-Tuesday, January 30th-31st - two days of  the First Brigade. Did 1 day of dental assisting then worked in children’s ministry washing hair and removing lice 

Wednesday, February 1st  -  went to visit the Children’s Ranch and Coffee bean  farm

Thursday-Friday, February 2nd - 3rd – Second Brigade, at different location did kids ministry again and worked on evangelism team.

Friday, February 3rd – helped finish pouring a concrete floor at the end of the day

Saturday, February 4th - after adventurous trip to bus station arrived just in time to make the trip to La Ceiba - about 6 hour bus trip. Evangelist Tom picked me up and I did a television program that eve.

Sunday, February 5th -  visited their Church  did another television program again that evening

Monday, February 6th - stayed with Tom and did a evangelism outreach with the Church that evening

Tuesday, February 7th - I did a radio program Rested then preached a message to the congregation on the subject of Hope.

Wednesday, February 8th - traveled by bus to San Pedro Sula, where I connected with a Pastor in a town called El Progresso

Thursday, February 9th - ministered in pastor Libertads Church in El Progresso on the subject of the Spiritual Gift of Helps and Helps Ministry

Friday, February 10th - spent first part of day in El Progresso ministered to a prayer group then headed for the airport.

Sat: Feb. 10th HOME


This update came on Sunday, January 29th: Sam Lively is now in Honduras. We hear from his wife, Roseanne, that he was doing dental work Mon. (Jan. 30)  and is currently working on medical outreach in Tegucigalpa with World Gospel Outreach.  Thursday and Friday (Feb. 2 and 3) he will be laying concrete for some houses. He will be in contact with up to 2000 people in seven days. On Feb. 4, he will travel to Laceiba to work in evangelism and television ministry.  On Feb. 8 he will travel to San Pedro Sula to work with a church there.  Please pray for Sam's safety, for travel mercies, and that God will use Sam mightily to advance the Kingdom of God in Honduras.  Sam should be back on Feb. 10.   


Sam Lively is ministering in Honduras between January 27 and February 11, 2012.  He will be spending half of his time with World Gospel Outreach and then free-lance ministry with connections he as made over the last 10 years of ministry trips to Honduras.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Click here for Sam's itinerary and prayer points.

Here is a picture (below) of the supplies Sam will be taking:  He has maxed out his baggage capacity!


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