We as the church, are called into being and exist to bear witness to God’s grace and love, as expressed in the life of Jesus Christ. We will actively seek to work towards this calling by reaching out to others with the love of Jesus Christ. As a people inspired and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we will strive to follow Christ in seeking out the poor, the oppressed, the sick, and the hurting. The church gives witness to the compassionate love of God by reaching out to those within our community and abroad.

The Outreach Ministry Team will include Pantry of Care: which aims to minister to those within our community, in the form of a meal; Sitting Ministry, Missions, the continuation of Savvy Summit, the Pumpkin Patch, and additional community and church involvement. 

This team will also inform the congregation about community events outside our church that might be interesting to our congregation, but also those in which we might serve.  (Women Helping Advance Missions, Pantry of Care, and the Ministry of the Deacons will continue as separate entities under the umbrella of outreach).

Team Members: Teresa Sparkman, Diana Akins, Cynthia Paulk, Virginia Kinslow, Candy Baack, Sandra Andrews










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