Team Leader: Ken Smith

Worship is a vital part of the covenant community. To worship God is to act out our obedience to God who has revealed God’s self and claimed us as God’s people. In worship the initiative lies with God and the focus is on God. God and God's redemptive and creative work are both the object and the subject of worship.

To worship is to re-enact the gospel in its fullness and simplicity. In worship we discover and express our identity as God's people, we participate in the ongoing redemptive work of God in the world and we offer ourselves anew to the One who has created, redeemed, and sustained us. We worship because of who we are and who God is.

As human beings, we also realize that we worship out of a sense of need. We are not sufficient unto ourselves, and we experience a sense of completeness and fulfillment through the encounter with and worship of our Creator. To worship is to be fully human. Therefore, worship is not planned or participated in flippantly, but in order and decency with the hopes of a Divine encounter.

As a liturgical community, we honor the Christian calendar which has its history rooted in the covenant people of the Old Testament. Worship planning involves a scriptural and theologically based approach. Symbols, colors, vestments, paraments, and liturgical movements; shaped by scripture and tradition, allow us to commune with God and one another. The Worship Ministry Team will plan worship, spiritual retreats, and corporate prayer.

Team Members: Ken Smith, Cynthia Paulk, Melinda Jones, Gordon Downum, Glenda Mercer, Carolyn Hefner, Nancy Russell, Rev. Nate Mathews



First Cumberland Presbyterian Church offers a space for people who wish to use their voices to praise God through song. The choir is always looking for those willing to serve in this capacity. The Choir Director is Carolyn Hefner. The Choir practices on Wednesday's at 7:00 pm. (Paused During the Pandemic)



Handbells provide a unique way to offer the gift of music for worship. The handbell choir has accompanied the choir and perform during the seasons of Christmas and Easter. They have also played for special occasions, such as weddings.  (Paused During the Pandemic)