Pumpkin Patch

First Cumberland Presbyterian's Pumpkin Patch was first started in 2002 by the Deacons as a fundraiser and ministry opportunity. The first year the Patch opened with just 1,000 pumpkins. Sixteen years later, this ministry has floursihed to the point of 9,000 - 12,000 pumpkins are shipped to our front yard. Our Pumpkin Patch has become known as a family tradition for many in the Lubbock area. We now see those who came to enjoy the patch as children, bringing their own children. 

This ministry is unique, in that, we get our Pumpkins from the Navajo Reserveration in New Mexico (in conjunction with PumkinsUSA Fundraising). The pumpkins are shipped to us for free, and the Navajo Reservation receives %60 of the proceedes, while the remaining %40 stays with the church for local minsitry.  


Pumpkin Patch 2019 Delivery Dates:

  • September 28
  • October 12
  • October 19

Pumpkin Patch Car Show/Craft Fair:  October 27

Party in the Patch:  October 27