Our Team

Director of Worship and Music

Ken Smith

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Ken Smith began as worship leader in 2017 and was asked to serve as interim Director of Worship and Music in December '18. He is a lifelong Cumberland Presbyterian, raised in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Floydada, TX. Ken is an ordained deacon, an ordained elder (currently serving on the Session), is very active in Presbytery del Cristo, and has been on Denominational Boards in the past. We at FCPC are very blessed to have Ken serve in this capacity. Ken brings experience and knowledge to the worship team. Ken is passionate about worship, the theology behind our worship, and the Scripture that informs our theology and worship. When asked about his service as worship leader, Ken said: "What an honor it is to be able to serve God's people by leading their services. I feel that my entire life has been leading me to a point where I am able to serve my God and my church in this way." 

Church Secretary

Karen Reid

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We are grateful to have Karen serve in this capacity. Karen helps us all run smoothly. When we asked Karen concerning her life in the church she had this to say: "Other than a wife and mother, I have only worked as an office assistant. I enjoy the 'people contact' I make with church members coming to the office and others who stop by. I find it enjoyable and fun to create new and colorful e-mails and newsletters. I have worked with children in various ways, been chair of ladies organizations several times, a deacon and now a newly elected and ordained elder at FCPC. I remember thinking one time that all I wanted to be in my life was a wife, a mother, and to work for my church. God has helped me to fulfill this desire. I am blessed and thank God every day of my life for giving me this opportunity to serve Him and my church."

Elected Leaders

Within our tradition, the congregation elects Elders to represent them in the business of Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly. Active Elders make up the Session (the governing body of Spiritual Leaders within a specific congregation). The congregation also elects Deacons (when possible) to serve the poor, widowed, sick, refugees and imprisoned. Typical terms are three years. 

Active Session
Candy Baack - Class of 2024
Gerald Files-Class of 2024
Karen Reid - Class of 2024
Susan Stack-Class of 2026

Session Clerk - Susan Stack
Moderator of Session - Rev. Jimmy Braswell from Odessa, TX (Appointed by the Presbytery) 

Active Diaconate
Greg Akins - Class of 2024
John Baumann-Class of 2026
Cindy Chitwood-Class of 2026
Jeff Hooks-Class of 2026
Cynthia Paulk - Class of 2024
Ray Sparkman - Class of 2024
Teresa Sparkman - Class of 2024
Gary Williams-Class of 2026