Fellowship & Hospitality

Team Leader: Karen Reid

All who are united to Christ by faith are also united to one another in love. In this communion, they are to share the grace of Christ with one another, to bear one another burdens, and to reach out to all other persons. The Fellowship and Hospitality Ministry Team will organize meals and gatherings for our congregation, in order to nurture a Christ-centered community where relationships with God and one another can flourish. This team will also work to understand and offer hospitality for guests, welcoming all whom God sends our way with the love of Christ. This team will strive to lead by example in their witness and love of God and others, including finding meaningful ways to follow-up with those who share their time with us.

Team Members: Karen Reid, Karen Martin, Edie Fanning, Cynthia Paulk, Deborah Hart, Margaret Richardson, Carolyn Hansen