Our Team

Elected Leaders

The "Session" consists of Elders who have been elected to serve as overseers of the spiritual condition and direction of this congregation along with the pastor who serves as moderator.  The current session members have been elected for the following terms (year indicates when their 3-year term will complete):

2021 - Gordon Downum, Karen Reid, Ken Smith; 2022 - Monte Chitwood, Darnell Dingle, Scott Fanning; 2023 - Valerie Parkinson 

Diana Akins, Stated Clerk of the Session; Ken Smith serves as President of the Board of Directors of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Lubbock, Inc. The Board consists of all session members, excluding the pastor. Darnell Dingle serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors.

Session and Board of Director meetings are typically the second Monday of the month at 5:30.  Elders are ordained into the office of Elder and continue to serve as Elders of the congregation even when they are not on the session.


The "Diaconate" consists of Deacons who have been elected to serve in the ministry of service, compassion, care of the poor and others in need. This minsitry is given to the church by Jesus Christ, who came to serve rather than be served. 

Current Board of Deacons (year indicates year in which they will complete their 3-year term):

2021 - Cindy Chitwood, Sherry Walton; 2022 - Edie Fanning; 2023 - Glenn Jones, Greg Akins 

Chair - Cindy Chitwood; Secretary/Treasurer - Edie Fanning

The Diaconate typically meet on the first Monday of the month at 5:30. Deacons are ordained into the office of Deacon and continue to hold their ordination, even if they are not serving on the Diaconate.