Elected Leaders

Elected Leaders

Within our tradition, the congregation elects Elders to represent them in the business of Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly. Active Elders make up the Session (the governing body of Spiritual Leaders within a specific congregation). The congregation also elects Deacons (when possible) to serve the poor, widowed, sick, refugees and imprisoned. Typical terms are three years. 


Active Session

Diana Akins - Class of 2025
Candy Baack - Class of 2024
Melinda Jones - Class of 2025
Karen Reid - Class of 2024
Valerie Parkinson - Class of 2023

Session Clerk - Diana Akins
Moderator of Session - Rev. Jimmy Braswell from Odessa, TX (Appointed by the Presbytery) 

Active Diaconate
Greg Akins - Class of 2024
Edie Fanning - Class of 2023
Glenn Jones - Class of 2025
Cynthia Paulk - Class of 2024
Ray Sparkman - Class of 2024
Teresa Sparkman - Class of 2024