Christian Education

Team Leader: Rev. Nate Mathews

Christian Education is one of many ways in which we learn, grow, fellowship, build community and serve. The Christian Education Ministry Team strives to create spaces for safe dialogue, transformation, and deeper thought. The Christian Education Ministry Team will focus on addressing the needs of our congregation and community with relevant Sunday school curriculum, providing a worthwhile VBS for the community, and continuing and beginning meaningful Bible studies. 

Our Christian Education Ministry focuses on nurturing and equipping people, removing barriers and encouraging a consistent walk with God resulting in committed followers of Jesus Christ.

Team Members: 
Kathy Davis, Dowe Mayfield, Valerie Parkinson, Anna Mathews, Nate Mathews



Sunday mornings offer an opportunity to connect. Some of our classes offer a discussion-oriented format. While others provide a more structured bible study.  Classes begin at 9:30 am **(Postponed due to COVID)


(**VIA ZOOM) Wednesday's at 6 pm is a time many from the congregation attend our weekly bible study. These studies are usually led by Dowe Mayfield as a lecture format. If you are interested, feel free to attend these weekly studies.  *(Class breaks for the Summer)


We have and will continue to offer a variety of classes ranging from several topics and formats. There have been classes with the Young Adults, Middle Aged, and Senior Adults, and there are weekly Kid Connection videos posted on our Facebook and YouTube.