Frequently Asked Questions about Online Giving


On-line and Electronic Donations
In our world of increasing electronic financial transactions, we are pleased to offer you this opportunity to donate online and thereby support First Cumberland Presbyterian Church and its mission. To support us, please click the DONATE NOW button and follow the on-screen prompts. THANK YOU for supporting the ministries of First Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


Is this a secured site?
Yes. The site is being hosted by Vanco Services, LLC, a financial technology services company specializing in secure electronic payment transactions. Vanco Services treats all information that it processes with the highest ethical standards and an unwavering commitment to confidentiality.


Do I get a receipt?
A confirmation page, which you may print,  appears on your computer screen after a payment is submitted.  A payment confirmation will also be sent to the email address you provide.


Will this donation be shown on my Cumberland annual contribution statement?
Yes. Your donation will become part of your annual contribution statement.

Do I need to create an account before I can donate?

No. You may make a donation without creating an account.  Creating an account is your option and will simply make subsequent transactions easier as account information will be securely retrieved rather than asking you to enter information again.

May I donate from my checking account or use my credit card?
You may make your donation from your checking or savings account or charge your credit or debit card. If you choose your credit or debit card, then your donation will be reduced by a processing fee ranging from 2.75% to 3.50% depending on the card that you use. You also have the option to increase the amount of your donation to pay the processing fee. If this is your desire, please check the appropriate box.


May I set up recurring donations as well as one-time donations?
Yes. Your online donation can be set up as either a one-time donation or you may schedule weekly or monthly donations. A calendar is provided to help you with this.  You may also indicate when you want the first transaction to begin.


May I make this donation in honor or memory of a person?
Yes. You may choose to make your donation in honor or in memory of a person.  We will notify the person or the family of the person of your gift.

If I don't see an answer to my question(s), whom do I contact?
Please email our church treasurer,  with your questions.  

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